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We welcome you as a visitor to one of the most comprehensive botanical picture data-bases in Europe. Approximately 4.000 plants (in species, subspecies and Cultivars) have been photographed for our documentation during the last twenty-five years. We are constantly working on the further extension and completion of this documentation. Originally only subscribed customers of our agency had an access to these pictures. Ever since the first publication of our data-base as an online-catalogue in 2001 there has been immense public interest in our botanical studies. Meanwhile we are delighted about the enormous number of visitors to our site especially students and botanical experts, who are using this picture source as a medium for their own research work, as well as journalists and art-buyers who get inspiration from our work.
Due to the increasing internationalisation of communication in the Internet we are now offering you our plant pictures with captions in four languages and we have added additional language versions to our Website which is accessible in German, English and French since 2005. (Plants from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and their drug terms can be found since March 2010 under Yaocaodict.com in our Chinese-European dictionary, where Chinese medical plants and their corresponding drug terms are simultaneously considered in written Chinese as well as in Romanised Hanyu Pinyin and the above-mentioned European languages.)
Comparable to the use of a botanical encyclopaedia our picture material can be found from the entries in our index (all entries there are linked to the pictures) the photographs can also be found via topic-based galleries or through an additional research-syntax embedded in the structure of our data-base. With these facilities our data-base has encountered a growing acceptance by gardeners, outdoor-people, botanists and others. Lavendelfoto thus provides an important international platform for botanical documentation and research.
Despite the continuing economic stagnation in Germany during the last five years we have managed, by enormous endeavour and a similarly enormous engagement and investment of money and labour, to provide you with a generous access to our data-base which is free of charge for visitors and we would like to welcome you as our guest. In return we expect you to behave like a guest and keep to the rules and legal obligations that the Internet community demands: please ask for permission before linking our Website and note that any download from our Site is illegal unless you register as a customer of the agency Lavendelfoto in Hamburg, Germany. All our customers may obtain high-resolution data from our pictures within short notice after ordering by phone or mail. Likewise you may register as a regular customer of the agency Lavendelfoto and after signing our Online-Service-Contract you may download with your personal password at your own convenience.
Whatever the reason is for visiting our data-base we wish you every success in your research.